We start in the morning from the STUDIOS rooms in Pyrgos Thermis and we head east towards the village of Pigi to meet the central axis to Kalloni. On the way you can stop at LAMPOU MILLOUS for coffee to see the small waterfall while drinking fresh water. Follow the same road and you will find yourself in its most beautiful wetland island. Flamingos other migratory birds and the salt flats will captivate you. On your right is the village of Agia Paraskevi with its wonderful architectural houses and its schools. There is the Lesvos Industrial Olive Museum. In you will see this museum housed in its old community olive mill Agia Paraskevi Lesvos. The buildings and mechanical equipment have restored in an exemplary manner. So you can observe how it works the equipment and how the factory evolved from steam propulsion to diesel engine. At the same time, you will get to know the daily life in the “Machine of the public”. Continuing on the road you pass Kalloni which is the capital of the Municipality of Western Lesvos. Continuing right for about 15 km you see on the plate the village of PETRA, which owes its name to imposing rock that stands almost in the middle of the settlement and has be inextricably linked with Panagia Glykofilousa who dominates at its top.


It is a settlement with a traditional color on its northern coast Lesvos, which is spread along a large sandy beach seaside. In fact, every year it is a popular destination for them tourists visiting the island, both for its famous beach and for Panagia, one of the most important pilgrimages of the island.. Min miss your visit to the BARREL TOWER. After Petra you go Anaxo for bath and ouzo. In the afternoon and towards sunset you will go to the right of Petra to the magnificent PENCIL. It is a whole village made of stone and wood, authentic, with its Genoese castle, with its labyrinthine cobblestones, the salkimia (Asia Minor name of the plant Glysina, which means “bunch grape”) to cast abundant shade on passers-by, by the dozens its fountains, overlooking the sea…


In fact, here is the most beautiful alley in the world, which is now a trademark of the place, especially in the spring when the wisteria blooms and creates an excellent pergola over the cobblestones.


To put it plainly, Molyvos is… defiantly handsome. Such a beautiful whose images, looking at them, will put you in a mood… poetic. Leave the car in the parking lot and turn the cobblestone with the legs. This experience will be unforgettable. Return with CAUTION from same way to sleep in the comfortable STUDIO rooms of Pyrgos Thermi.