In the morning with the dew we started from our rooms which are the STUDIOS at Pyrgoi Thermis and we go towards its well-known intersection MORIAS in the center of the Island. We leave behind us the first cross which is for Gera Plomari and we went straight ahead. There is a second o. intersection of Kalloni turn left towards Agiasos Pass through the enchanting area “Karini” and drive through the greenery
olive groves. At the next intersection, always following the signs, turn left Agiasos After two kilometers you will reach its entrance village and you can leave our car in the free area parking. NOW WHAT SHOULD I SAY ABOUT THIS VILLAGE?

Agiasos has a rich cultural heritage. Its inhabitants were and are industrious, ambitious, resourceful and witty. Centuries now, after settled in this blessed place, they did not cease to they create. They slowly built this wonderful village, with the incomparable its traditional color. They watered the earth with their sweat and made it to reap. And she rewarded them and is rewarding them with the virgin oil and the her sought-after juicy fruits. Fermented with the mother nature that gifted them generously the raw material and became amazing masters of clay and of wood, traveling the reputation of our artistic craftsmanship to its limits world. With their inexhaustible inspiration and lasting spiritual quests, carved an unsurpassed spiritual and folkloric tradition. All the streets of the village lead to its paved square. In mind my Agiasos is always connected with the church of Agiasos as they are side by side as if one complements the beauty of the other. The colored ones small tables from the surrounding cafes combined with the climbing plants from on them they invite you to stop for a meraklidikos, agiasotikos coffee with lots of bubbles and a view of the beautiful square. The fifteenth of August the village is at its best and “wears” its festive clothes. Each year welcomes thousands of visitors due to the Feast of the Virgin Mary. In its center village is the temple of the Dormition of the Virgin, known mainly for miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary. Many people, in fact, choose to come with me on foot from Mytilene, starting -according to custom on the 14th
August after the sun goes down, so as to honor the Virgin Mary. After you turn it on you candle, you will go down the cobbled street and you will fool them colorful shops with their clay objects. Even if you resist in the markets, it’s worth talking to the Hallowed merchants so they can show you around themselves their art. The ceramic art of the village is as old as the same. Make a stop in the village square for delicious loukumades with honey and cinnamon. I don’t think I’ve tried better! You can eat
and drink what you want, I think from the best gourmets destinations. After the village we descend and go towards Liavori Polychnito. TWO THINGS buy Lisvorian bread and chickpeas. Two kilometers outside of Polichnitos are the thermal baths, with their waters it is one of the warmest in Europe. There are many options to the right of the village beaches of Nifida. Perfect beaches, excellent tavernas. To the left of the Village excellent Vatera. Vatera is an area in the south of Lesvos with a sandy beach 8 kilometers long, the longest beach on the island. There you do it your bath and you drink your ouza. With this route, now you can too you speak Mytilene!!!! Back to the STUDIO to rest.