The greatest road trip by car is this superb route. The phrase “Can you make it to the end” worth. We started the morning from the excellent rooms of STUDIOS in Pyrgos thermis and we go through Pigi to Kalloni. After pass Kalloni at the first intersection that says to Antissa Sigri we turn there. After a few km you will see the imposing Monastery of Leimonos which it was built by Saint IGNATIOS. We started for Sigri and passed the villages one after the other. DAFIA – FRIENDSHIP-ANEMOTIA-SKALOCHORI-ANTISSA. In these villages you must seeSto Skalochori, the building where the school is housed is of particular interest, which is built of local stone. Going north you will be taken to seaside location "Kalo Limani" or “Chamur Port”, where it will fit your eyes the blue of the sea. Antissa is the second most important the main town of the region and the birthplace of the ancient poet and musician Terpandrou. Its square with the centuries-old plane trees, which create a beautiful landscape with the shadow they give on coffee tables, will draw you in attention. Its port is the picturesque settlement of Gavathas, where the majority of of inhabitants is engaged in fishing, while tourism is reduced to a rising sector employment. According to legend, the lyre and the head of Orpheus were found here after his murder by the Maenads. A short distance from the settlement is the Monastery of Peribolis, which was built at the beginning of the 17th century. , and is decorated of remarkable Byzantine frescoes. The gem of Sigri is, of course, the “Petrified Forest” which is after Antissa and is of unique beauty a monument that is at the same time a separate geological phenomenon. The creation of is due to the existence of favorable fossilization conditions in its northwestern part island 15 – 20 million years ago, when it was covered by its lava Ordymnos. The result of this natural process was his revelation ancient forest. This monument is the main feature of the area, as evidenced by the creation of the Petrified Forest Park, overall area of 286 acres, but also the Natural History Museum of Alithomonos Forest. Take the opportunity and explore the mountainside from wherever you can to admire the largest fallen Conifer tree trunk with length above from 20 meters as well as the large upright Sequoia trunks reaching up to 4.5 meters high. An interesting activity is also the boat ride to Nissiopi which is located directly opposite, to admire the big one lighthouse, the church of Agios Georgios, but also the famous trunks of petrified trees scattered in the sea. One more attraction of Sigri is its Castle, built by the Ottomans in 1757, with the characteristic Arabic arch on the gate. SEA BATH FISH OOUZO. THAT’S ALL THE FOUR THINGS YOU MUST DO IN SIGRI.

It is no coincidence that the famous ALBERT CAMI fell in love with SIGRI and wanted to live there.

It is worth going to SKALA ERESSOU which is the famous beach, with the clear blue waters and the 2.5 km long silver-gold sandy beach, is the jewel of Eresou Staircase and the reason why even the most skeptical visitor bows in its enchanting beauty. It is located at a distance of 4 km from its town Eresou and is an attraction for the tourists of the area. The beach is considered among the cleanest in the Mediterranean, as a result of which it is awarded every year with Blue Flag, which you will see waving with the first breeze. The sunset it is more beautiful than that of Santorini. With great driving attention return to your starting point for rest.